Why Defensive Driving For Teens Is Recommended

As you know, your teen is growing up extremely fast and now they want their first set of car keys. Even though this is the milestone that may have you aching for all of the latter days, it is certainly going to have a hold on your wallet. That is the main reason that all of the car insurance companies recommend defensive driving for teens.

This is mainly because the majority of insurers need to consider that the drivers that are under the age of twenty five are at a much higher incident for serious vehicle accidents. Not to mention that the increased risk that is associated with all of the teen drivers can also inflate your entire insurance rate by fifty to one hundred percent, according to information provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

Fortunately, by taking the time to work together, you as well as your teen can minimize all of the insurance costs greatly through the insurance discounts. You as well as your teen can help to secure the affordable auto rates as well as:

Maintaining a Spotless Driving Record: All of your teen’s traffic violations and accidents are going to increase the insurance rates more than you could ever imagine. In the event of a serious offense like OWI charge, it can boost all of the premiums from a couple hundred dollars each year to a couple thousand and it will stay that way for a period of three to five years.

Get Involved: All of the insurers are known to reward the student drivers that are able to maintain at least a B-average on their report cards with lower rates for auto insurance, which will provide your teen with another incentive to do really well in school.

Driving a Safe Car: In the event that you are able to get your teen to drive a safe car, you are more than likely going to be compensated with a much lower vehicle insurance rate. The safe vehicles include the mid-sized, newer card with several airbags.   In addition to all of this, the I.I.I. recommends that you steer clear of the cars that are prone to encouraging reckless driving like SUV’s and sports cars.

Each and every one of the things listed above could lower your teen’s overall risk of serious injury or accident within the eyes of the insurer which will in turn lower all of your teen’s vehicle insurance rates and will save you a lot of money.

As a parent, I would highly recommend that you talk with your children about defensive driving for teens before you ever give them the keys, you may also want to encourage them to take a course as well.

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