Leaving Home for a Trip

Always notify someone in your neighborhood when you intend to be away from home. One of the most inexpensive ways to secure your home is to work with your neighbors in a neighborhood watch program. Community policing programs such as a local neighborhood watch have shown great success in reducing property crime. Work with a group of concerned and willing neighbors to set up a neighborhood watch program. Communities with active neighborhood watch programs provide the best all around defense against burglaries by monitoring and reporting suspicious activity, checking on neighbors and visually inspecting homes where neighbors are gone on vacation.

Tips to follow when you are away from home

1) When on vacation do not advertise that you will be gone

2) Remember to stop mail and newspaper delivery – Piles of mail and newspaper are sure sign that no one is home.

3) Always advise your neighbors in your neighborhood watch program. They provide oversight that is the best deterrent to a potential burglary.

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