Don’t Be A Victim

Facts to Keep In Mind

  • A burglary takes place every Eleven seconds.
  • Residential theft is most prevalent in the South.
  • February has the least amount of recorded residential thefts and July has the largest number.
  • 60% of housebreaks occur during daylight hours.
  • Residential robbery is most prevalent in the morning and mid-afternoon.
  • 65% of all burglaries are by forcible entry and 25% are by entry without force through an open window or unlocked doors.
  • Only 7% of burglaries were interrupted in the process resulting in burglars being frightened off.

Develop good security practices to keep your property safe. A good resource for burglary prevention information is on (The National Crime Prevention Web Site).   Review the scenario below to identify ways to prevent this type of crime at your house.

A burglary … is as easy as one, two, and three

1) Burglars look for entry through an area hidden or dark. As an example, they have concealed easy access with window hidden behind tall bushes or trees.

2) The first stop for a theft is in the master bedroom where they look for items of large value. This would include cameras, cash, and jewelry. The burglar then looks for small appliances and electronic equipment. They would be looking for items that can be easily carried out of the house like computers, VCRs, and stereo equipment.

3) Finally, they would make a quick stop in the garage to look for power tools and athletic equipment like bikes and golf clubs.

4) All items are loaded into a van or car to allow them to get away a fast.

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