Being Followed

If it appears that, you are followed into your subdivision stay in your car and avoid letting them know where you live. If they continue to follow, you call 911 and contact your neighbors. Move to a well-lit area until you are satisfied that the danger is over. Always check to make sure no one is behind you when entering your garage.

Properly Set Up Alarm Systems Work

Alarms systems prevent robberies if set up properly. There are two basic types of systems, hard wired and wireless.  Either type of alarm systems should include perimeter contacts for all doors and windows, motion detectors, and window breaks. The alarm system should include a police response system.

If a burglar breaks the perimeter, an alarm sounds if not disabled in time.  The police automatically respond to investigate the alarm from the home security system.  Many automatic response systems also include alarming and response in the event of fire.

You may be able to save on your home insurance with the proper use of your home alarm system.

Home Safety Procedure Tips

Lock and Activate Security for Home Safety

Always double check that you lock your home completely to assure home safety.   This should include checking all windows and doors. All sliding glass doors should be complete secured with a dowel cut to fit inside the runner of the door to stop the door from opening.   Make sure your home security system is in good working order and activated.

Open Garages are a Big Risk for Home Safety

Take care to avoid leaving your garage door open when not in use. Leaving the garage door open allows burglars to see items in your garage and target your home for a future theft. The items normally stored in the garage like sports equipment, and power tools can be sold quickly, and are rarely traceable.

Home Safety is Secure Peace of Mind

Burglars look for easy targets.  Easy targets include homes that are unlocked and homes without home security systems.

Burglars look for high-ticket and easy-to-steal items.   Make sure these items are not visible from the street.

1) Television especially Flat screen TVs- While they may be hard to hide, they are in high demand and they are easy to sell.   Mark your TVs with an identifying number to make it harder for a thief to re-sell.

2) Laptops, Phones, and IPODs- Computers and phones are getting smaller and smaller.  This makes them easy targets for thefts.

3) Jewelry- Jewelry has always been top on this list of items to steal.  Jewelry is easy-to-steal and sell.

4) Cash- We know burglars like cash.  Always put cash away and out of view.

In order to assure home safety store valuables like cash and jewelry in a safe or at least in a secure place.

As a home safety precaution, create a home inventory of your possessions that includes photos.  This will make filing a claim easier if you are ever burglarized.

Locking your home completely, enabling your home security system, and securing your valuables are quick and easy home safety procedures to decrease the chance of home burglary.

Keep Lights On

Keep your home lit at night to give the impression that someone is at home. There are many devices to help. Timers can be used on lights and a radio to turn on only at night when you are away. Outside lights operated by motion detectors both act as a deterrent for thieves as well as provide light for your own safe access when retuning at night.