Baby Sunscreen For Baby’s Delicate Skin

Chances are that you may have been advised to keep your baby entirely out of the sun. For many of you, this can really be a challenge, specifically with babies once they get a little older. Basically old enough to be able to protest you when you try to cover them up with a blanket, but they are still too young to tell you that he is getting sunburn or that they want to move completely out of the sun into a spot that is shadier.

So, what are we supposed to do as parents? After all, it is very important that you provide your little one with some time outside to play around. The question is, how are you supposed to balance the overall need for exercise and sun with the protection need for your little one’s skin? The answer to that question is fairly simple, by suing the appropriate baby sunscreen protection.

The majority of experts highly recommend that all babies that are under the age of six months are never to be exposed to the direct sunlight. There is a wide variety of reasons for this. First and foremost, it is just common sense that a baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than the skin of an older child or adult, and because of that, their skin is more susceptible when it comes to damage from the sun.

In fact, the skin of a baby is a lot thinner and because of that it will burn very easily and sustain UV damage in the long term within a shorter period of time than older children and adults, and once the damage has been done, it can’t be undone. Baby sunscreen protection is extremely important because of the mere fact that all babies have a lot more skin based on per square inch of the body mass than adults and children, so the sunburn would be a lot more serious for the baby.

Unfortunately, the baby’s very sensitive skin really may not be able to tolerant the baby sunscreen either. There is still opinion to whether or not it is actually safe for the younger babies that are less than six months of age to wear sunscreen because the baby’s skin is so think and it may absorb a lot more the baby sunscreen than an adult’s or older child’s skin would.

Taking the time to dress your baby in clothing that is protective against UV rays can significantly reduce the risk of sun damage. Using this type of clothing will also allow your child to remain a lot cooler during the hot weather, while still having a little extra protection from the sun. Make sure that you apply baby sunscreen under the clothing and not just to the parts of the baby’s skin that is going to be exposed to all of the sunlight.

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